Entrepreneurship provides many of our clients the opportunity to develop and scale their business ideas. However, choosing the appropriate corporate entity at the outset helps to set the stage for long term flexibility and success. Factors to consider are the company’s long term goals, tax considerations, current and anticipated business models, and intellectual property development and enforcement strategies. 

We can help you determine what corporate entity makes the best sense for your contemplated endeavor while helping you put together the proper legal infrastructure such as end-to-end corporate formation, founder agreements, stockholder agreements, employee equity incentive agreements, and implement measures to secure and protect your intellectual property.

If you have already started your company but need help evaluating the company’s trajectory and adjusting the corporate pathway, we can help.  Sometimes online do-it-yourself solutions have their limitations and we can help you perfect your current corporate documents to reflect any recent corporate changes or pivots. If necessary, we can also help you unwind founder/employee relationships, adjust equity goals, or help you evaluate the company’s intellectual property initiatives.