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At AH, we offer solutions. Each corporation is unique, and each problem requires a uniquely tailored solution that does more than just solve the present issue. In addition to tackling a client's immediate needs, a truly sophisticated legal solution places them in the context of a corporation's long-term hurdles and goals.

We offer solutions that encompass every stage of corporate development. As your business grows or evolves, so will your needs. AH is here to help by offering solutions for scenarios concerning:

This list represents the broad umbrella of our services. Within each category of solutions are any number of matters requiring innovative, forward-looking treatment. Transactional solutions, for example, might require an analysis of your corporate compliance or the preparation and negotiation of your compensation agreements. The rules for corporations are complex and can be violated by even the most well-intentioned people. At AH, our job is to ensure your business doesn't suffer the debilitating setbacks that often accompany transactional missteps.

Similarly, while intellectual property issues are common in today's marketplace, this isn't easily navigated territory. We frequently assist our clients with IP issues, helping them leverage their patents, trademarks, copyrights, and more, to ensure well-timed registration and monetization. In addition to portfolio management, IP rights often require monitoring and protection. Whether another entity is infringing on your rights, or you're worried former employees may be improperly utilizing your IP, we offer the solutions you need.  

The general counsel services offered by AH ensure your corporation stays ahead of its needs. From vendor agreements, service contracts, employee handbooks, and independent contractor agreements to skilled protection of your IP rights, we're here for you. The experience our attorneys bring to the table enables AH to anticipate the best solution for you now as well as down the road. 

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