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The landscape of corporate growth has changed dramatically in recent years. AH General Counsel Services provides legal services for companies of all sizes interested in taking a cutting-edge approach to achieving success. Our insight and ingenuity, and our level of expertise, set us apart. While our clients' needs will always include growth strategies and asset protection, the technologies and resources available to facilitate solutions are ever-changing. Our success strategies combine new technologies with a traditional work ethic to achieve agile, resourceful, and comprehensive general counsel services.


Making ourselves available to our clients, whenever and however they need us, contributes to their success. Law firms built on the traditional model are hindered by an inefficient, hierarchical structure that results in barriers to direct, rapid communication between partners and their clients. These inefficiencies can frustrate or slow down businesses with complex questions and tight deadlines. The AH team is comprised of partner-level attorneys who aren't hindered by the rigid form of traditional firm models. Direct, ongoing access to the skilled attorneys working on your behalf is built into our business model, allowing us to deliver expert solutions when they're needed.


We bring unique flexibility intended to match the different legal needs of corporate clients at every stage of their development. From the start-up phase to the heights of the Fortune 500, we have optimized our processes to deliver on the promise of our experience, aptitude, and efficiency. And we do it at a fraction of the costs billed by the big firms. We're able to do this because we use all the tech resources available and prioritize quality over quantity. We aren't burdened by a huge back office or a crowd of associates fighting for a piece of the pie. Instead, we're a real team—agile, experienced, and able to draw on our collective corporate knowledge to meet your general counsel needs in real-time. 


Our skilled attorneys live and breathe each stage of corporate growth, adeptly facilitating tip-of-the-spear technology deals, data privacy concerns, litigation matters, and asset monetization. Corporate needs are constantly changing: one day you may be looking to monetize or license your core technologies; a few months later, you realize your corporate structure plan could use an update. Above all, you need the skilled help of an experienced general counsel, and you need them to hit the ground running. 


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