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Labor and Employment


The bedrock of a successful business is often grounded in a company's workforce. Attracting candidates can be difficult in today's market, but the hiring process is only one component of the employment relationship. In addition to securing fruitful employee relationships, business owners must also navigate the complex legal landscape that comprises labor and employment law at the state and federal levels.

At A.H. General Counsel Services, we can help you achieve high-performing employer-employee relationships that protect you, the business owner, and incentivize your employees. In developing the proper employment landscape, we can assist you with:

  • Offer Letters
  • Employment Handbooks
  • Employee Equity Incentive Agreements
  • Company Facing Service Provider Agreements

We can also help you develop and maintain state- and federal-compliant employment practices. In California, businesses face some of the most rigid laws for hiring and termination in the country. And new laws are constantly redefining independent contractors and employees for purposes of determining benefits and liabilities. At A.H., we go beyond just crafting the necessary agreements—we also continue to counsel and update our clients on changing laws as they relate to their business practices.

Unfortunately, some of the labor and employment considerations on your plate will involve termination. The termination process can be made easier when obligations and expectations are set out in the beginning through clear and concise language provided in employment agreements and handbooks. We recommend working from the outset with an experienced A.H. attorney who can help ensure you're prepared for such situations.  


​We recognize that each business environment is unique, and approach each of our clients' strategies accordingly, especially when it comes to implementing the proper legal infrastructure for their labor and employment practices. We also know that sometimes you need to bring new people onto your team in roles outside of the traditional employee/employer relationship. In addition to drafting employment agreements, we will help you prepare:

  • Consulting Agreements
  • Advisory Agreements
  • Service Provider Agreements

We'll also help you shore up the necessary contractual documents to allow your company to succeed on a daily basis. At every point along the way, we will work with you to protect your I.P. assets from unauthorized use, misappropriation, or even theft by those you bring onto your team.

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