The realities of the current marketplace dictate that companies carefully evaluate, strategize, and build their IP portfolio on an ongoing basis.  Whether your company requires patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret advisement or registration services, we are aptly positioned to help you every step of the way.  Our team’s breadth of experience will enable you to consider how, when, and where we can file the necessary IP registrations to protect your brand on a global scale. In addition to perfecting the required patent, trademark, or copyright registrations, we can assist you in enforcing your rights in the event another party infringes on your IP rights.

Our attorneys are experienced in all phases of technology transfers, including assignments, licensing and joint ventures. We also assist our clients to protect proprietary information to avoid loss through employee departures, industrial espionage or other means, as well as create compliance and employee training programs.

Given the fluidity of IP in the marketplace, we have developed expertise in negotiating and structuring licensing, technology transfer agreements, corporate acquisitions in which technology owned or to be developed by the parties is an important element of the transaction. Our IP focused practice allows us to represent clients in mergers, acquisitions and dispositions of companies with valuable intellectual property rights, including numerous technology based companies in the computer software including SaaS, electronics and biomedical industries; defense contractor companies; apparel companies; consumer products companies; and brick and mortar as well as online retailers.