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Technology Transactions


Depending on your company's I.P. portfolio, you may have transactions that require delicate care of your I.P. assets on a day-to-day basis. Technology solutions may be a part of your business offerings, or your technology assets may be a tool you use to carry out your operations or license out to third parties. Whatever role your I.P. plays, it requires constant protection. As your business grows, so does the value of your technology, and without adequate asset protection in place, your tech may be vulnerable to theft or misappropriation.

The A.H. team knows that protections need to be implemented during day-to-day transactions, and in deals that hinge on your technology products. For example, you may require customized NDAs to protect your I.P. while you explore the opportunity to make commercially feasible deals between your company and third parties. Your I.P. asset protection needs are ongoing and ever-evolving, and that's why we prioritize effective, fast-paced solutions for technology transfers.

The success of well-executed technology transactions often hinges on the agreements used to facilitate the process. The instruments you use to manage these transactions and commercialization strategies need to be zeroed in and airtight. You can't achieve competent I.P. asset protection with generic forms or web-based templates. Our team understands that you need expertly tailored language applicable to your technology transactions strategy  in that moment or to forecast its applicability over time. We also recognize that deals can change in the blink of an eye, and when they do, your agreements need to reflect that change in real-time.

We can help you draft and/or negotiate the instruments you need to successfully manage the business objectives and expectations involved in technology transactions. Examples of commonly used agreements we regularly assist our clients with include:

  • NDAs
  • Software Agreements
  • SaaS Agreements
  • Reseller Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Data License Agreements
  • Marketing Agreements
  • Strategic Alliance Agreements

We also know sometimes you need uniquely tailored instruments designed to serve a narrow purpose. Other times your focus will be broad, but you'll still need agreements that don't sacrifice sophisticated I.P. asset protection.

At A.H. General Counsel Services, our partner-level attorneys are always ready to guide your business through the technology transactionr process. Given our expertise in I.P. matters and cross-disciplinary practices, we can help you rapidly navigate the deal-making landscape in a cost-efficient manner.

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