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Legal Leverage for Business Owners: Unlock the Benefits of General Counsel

Navigating the legal landscape is a critical aspect of running a successful business. That's why large companies staff up their organizations with in-house teams of lawyers. For companies that cannot budget the time and resources required to maintain an in-house team for occasional legal matters, they are often left with the choice of trying to piecemeal legal services internally or allocate a large portion of their yearly budget to engage a traditional full-service law firm. At AH General Counsel, we don't believe you should be stuck with this painful dilemma. That's why we offer our business clients cost-effective general counsel tailored to their needs and budget. Based upon our years of Big Law and in-house legal experience, we can deploy and allocate legal services to fit your unique business growth cycle and company objectives.

In this general counsel role, we've helped clients ensure compliance with ongoing state and federal regulations, protect vital intellectual property, and manage day-to-day contracts, among other traditional legal tasks. Engaging qualified legal counsel can help mitigate risks and enhance the overall success of your business while eliminating the need for training and onboarding new legal employees, along with reducing payroll benefits and office space expenses. By retaining our general counsel services, you only pay for the specific services you require which often makes more financial sense for companies with occasional legal issues compared to maintaining a full in-house legal team or paying a traditional firm that may not be able to size down legal services to your specific needs. Choosing AH General Counsel ensures access to comprehensive legal support from our entire team including access to our network of skilled professionals.

Business ebbs and flows. Our general counsel services can quickly adapt to your changing business needs because we can quickly scale our involvement up or down based on your company's current requirements. This flexibility allows you to outsource specific projects while either filling the “ad hoc” role of in-house counsel or simply supplementing it. Our team offers a wide array of legal support services, encompassing everything from contract administration to general legal advisement, enabling you to focus on your core operations while ensuring your company's legal affairs are well tended to.

Core Legal Services Offered by General Counsel in an In-House Capacity

Routine business operations: One of the main roles that our general counsel services fulfill is providing guidance on routine business operations, and helping you navigate various legal issues that arise in day-to-day activities.

Drafting and reviewing contracts: Our flexible service model allows us to draft and review a variety of contracts, ensuring they are legally sound and protect your business interests. By providing expert advice, we can guide your sales and management teams through complex contract negotiations and other legal matters.

Ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations: It's your responsibility to ensure your company is compliant with ongoing state and federal regulations that effect your business sector. It's our job to stay on top of changing laws and regulations and ensure that your business leaders have the inputs they need to make sensible decisions. Engaging our services ensures your business remains compliant with these amorphous regulations, minimizing potential legal risks. Here is an overview of the types of legal services we can provide in an In-House Capacity:

Technology Transactions and Intellectual Property Support

Inbound/outbound licensing

1. Software licensing (including SaaS)
2. Content and IP licensing
3. Master Services Agreement (MSA) and related exhibits

Internet law

1. Mobile applications
2. E-commerce

Terms of Service, Privacy policies, and compliance

1. COPPA compliance
2. Terms of Use or Terms of Service

Reseller, OEM, VAR, and distribution agreements
1. Defining roles and responsibilities
2. Ensuring appropriate compensation structures
3. Maintaining consistent contract terms across a variety of use cases

Strategic alliance, partnership, collaboration, and co-marketing agreements

1. Identifying mutually beneficial opportunities
2. Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets
3. Creating favorable terms for renewal or transition periods

Commercial Transaction Support

Vendor agreements

1. Drafting and reviewing agreements to ensure they are legally sound, protect the
company's interests, and minimize potential risks

Services agreements

1. Establishing the scope of work and payment terms

Procurement contracts

1. Ensuring supplier compliance with legal requirements

Distribution and manufacturing agreements

1. Establishing effective distribution channels
2. Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets

Review of marketing collateral and related content releases and consent forms

1. Ensuring compliance with advertising regulations
2. Obtaining necessary permissions for the use of third-party content

Employment-Related Support

Review and update employment agreements

1. Privacy policy
2. Arbitration agreements
3. Employee assignment of invention agreements
4. Protecting company intellectual property
5. Clarifying ownership of employee-created innovations

Review of third-party time tracking policies

1. Consent form for digital fingerprinting for timekeeping

Additional employment-related services offered by general legal counsel

1. Employee handbooks and policy manuals
2. Employment discrimination and harassment prevention
3. Wage and hour compliance


Working with our team presents a cost-effective, flexible, comprehensive solution for companies who seek agile legal services. By providing guidance on routine business operations, contract administration, tech transactions, commercial transactions, and employment-related legal matters, our team ensures your business remains compliant, protected, and ready to grow. We understand the unique challenges you face and are committed to offering tailored legal services that adapt to your changing needs. By partnering with us you can focus on your core operations while knowing your legal affairs are in capable hands. We are here to help you just as we've helped countless other companies retain affordable and flexible legal services.

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