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Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Claps Back at Iconix in Brand Licensing Dispute

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Apparel Group (RNAG) has fired back at Iconix’s lawsuit alleging licensing rights to a specialty line of New Era baseball caps by countersuing Iconix for breach of implied license. The dispute arises from Iconix’s contention that its purchase of certain Roc Nation intellectual property rights in 2007 for $204M includes the rights to the New Era baseball caps. However, RNAG contends that there is no implied license to these rights as Iconix’s purchase of the Rocaware intellectual property assets in 2007 did not include the New Era rights. This case is currently unfolding, and the parties will focus on the implications of the original licensing agreements and specifically the brand exploitation rights granted thereunder. Legal tip: Always be certain to disclaim any implied license rights that are not intended to be granted under an intellectual property asset purchase agreement.

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